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Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

When I am 6 weeks from a show, dairy/sauces/artificial sweetener/anything carbonated (except SYFO)/fruit/protein powder/red meat/salmon is eliminated.

I am a very, very strict dieter though... and am hoping to be a little more lenient this time around!

when is your show?!

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

I avoid dairy even in off season. Lactose = Sugar. Fruit I will eat up to the last couple of weeks before a competition, but in smart portions. No carbs for last meal all the way through.

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger

I don't really like milk, so that's not an issue, but I do eat a lot of cheese, sour cream, butter, that kind of thing. I avoid carbs like The Plague though! Like I said in your other thread, I do things a little differently. :)

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

Hey kellyrose!

I do consume fruit throughout most of my prep. I typically diet for 8 weeks... for the first three weeks, i have 1 cup or one piece of a fruit of my choice with my first meal in the morning. from that point until the "2 week out mark" my fruit changes to grapefruit. I still have one piece, and it is always with my first meal.

As far as the protein powder goes... first, i feel when i am cutting, my diet is strict enough and limited enough to begin with. nutritionally, i don't feel my body benefits from protein powder as much as it does from a true protein source like fish or chicken. Also, many protein powders add unnecessary calories and sugar to my meal plan. It is a personal preference as I feel my body reacts better to solid food. I know many people who drink shakes up to 10 days or so out of the show.

good luck to you!!

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger

On my low-carb days, I get a few carbs in my pre-workout (1MR) and protein, then the little bit of agave nectar I put in my peanut butter wrap. The rest of the day, I don't really eat any.

I carb-load for 24-36hrs a week, usually Fri evening thru Sat evening or Sun morning, depending on how many carbs I've gotten in. I try for 280g during that time and drop my fat. I'll eat pasta, bread, pizza (veggie with lite cheese), oatmeal, some fruit (up to 6 weeks from competition)...any low-fat carb I guess. Hope that helps!

Posted by ShelleyGa

Can you have lactose free dairy? I like lactose free greek yogurt and cottage cheese