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Kelly Sheehan Posted by kelllyrose10

I was wondering what brand of fat burners you all use (if any) during the weeks before a competition? I've only ever used Hydroxycut and Ripped Freak. I didn't notice much of a change with Hydroxycut and Ripped Freak made me feel HORRIBLE and shaky all day.
Thanks :)

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger

Hi Kelly! I used Gaspari Nutrition's Spirodex for the Washington Ironman this year. I loved it! No jitters, just good energy. It did make me feel a little warm...which is the idea I suppose! :) A lot of competitors I know use OxyElite and love it. I, however, hated it! It made me so "cracked out" and kinda nauseous. Ick. Everyone is different though. One great thing about competing is the FREE SAMPLES! That way you don't have to spend a lot of money on a whole bottle of something you hate. Also, I don't know if you have a GNC in your area, but the one here is great about giving samples to try so I would ask them if you do. Hope that helped some. Actually, I'll ask Annette (the owner of the GNC here) what she thinks. I'm heading there in a few for some more L-Glutamine. Have a great day! :)

Brandi McAtee Posted by i1tiger

Hey Kelly. So, I had a little chat with Annette about thermogenics. She's thinking if you're sensitive to Hydroxycut, it's probably the Synephrine which is gonna act kinda like ephedra, so watch for that on labels. There are also companies like OxyElite who use Geranium for their active ingredient. That's the one I can't take! If both of those active ingredients bother you, then you may want to go herbal with one they have there! I remembered all that other stuff and can't remember the name of the last one!!! I'll check it later today. Hope that helped a little! :)

Angel Kolb Posted by ajkolb

I, too, use Gaspari Spirodex. NO jitters!!!

Posted by soliver1

when did you start to take your fatburner, how often, and when do you stop them, which day before Saturday show?

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

Ive tried quite a few fat burners.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series was the first one I tried... but after having a very rough day from taking them, i stopped.

For my last show, I stacked RoxyLean and Rx6, and I loved it.

This time around.. I am working with a coach (rather than on my own) and she doesn't have me taking anything yet.... I am not sure if/when she will start them.

For my past three shows, I started dieting at 8 weeks along with taking a fat burner twice a day. ONce in the morning with a cup of black coffee on an empty stomach and once around 2pm. Also, I took them up 4 days out of the show (my show was on a saturday)

Angela Johnson Posted by Ange_christine

When do you all suggest starting a fat burner? I am 7 weeks out. I have been good on my diet and am coming along nicely, my lower belly is still there...but I know this is the last place to come in and is mostly diet.
Are fat burners used by most competitors? This is my first show.

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

Personally I don't use fat burners and know many competitors who don't as well. I'm not saying you shouldn't - I just feel it's not necessarily a necessity. (how's that for a tongue twister?) :)

With love,

Posted by areichard

I heard Lean Out from Beverly International is supposed to work good. Has had great reviews. I ordered some, but it's currently on backorder!