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Posted by hlove

what is everyone's opinion on this? i am training for my first figure show on june 23th(flex lewis classic). my coach is a strong follower of this and i cant help but second guess some of the diet choices. for example, i cant have chicken(an all-time favorite of mine),but turkey and fish out the ying-yang. i HATE turkey!!!!you cant spice it up enough to make it taste good as far as i'm concerned. HOWEVER,i have followed his advice and i'm taking shape beautifully. but is it really necessary? my sister has her pro card in figure, and i frequently call her with questions.(i would be using her if it weren't for her living in another state.)her thoughts are that it is mumbo jumbo crap. i will continue to listen to one voice, i just cant help but wonder about this.

Sarah Sussman Posted by SarahSuss21

I have been hearing a lot about it, and although I've not personally tried it, I know three people who have... out of all three of them, two pulled out of their show because they weren't ready and one was unhappy with her physique on show day. After speaking with them, they all seemed to feel it was the diet that caused the issue.

While I do believe it has some positive aspects to it, I don't believe it should determine one's meal plan-- and they explained it like this -- If up and to this point, for example, they ate mainly egg whites and chicken breast but their blood type calls for red meat... why would I stop eating what has worked for me up to this point and switch my food intake based solely on that.

Personally, I believe you should listen to your body as far as digestion and results go. Focus on what it is you are looking to achieve and plug the foods in where they make sense. Perhaps I don't really know enough about it to judge, but I've never found out my blood type and created my meal plans based on that factor alone... and my physique seems to respond well.