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Posted by rahemki

June is going to be my first by bikini show! I am nervous/ excited, looking at the times I will b there from 9am-3pm. I am noy staying in the hotel bc i live fearly close. What do I eat all day?

Jen Fleck Posted by Violet26

Start your day with hot tea or a small cup of coffee. No creamer etc. Next, have your rice cake with almond or peanut butter to hold you over. Around the time your competitors meeting is, usually like 10-11am, have a mostly normal meal (minus the grains). For example, I will have 1/3 sweet potato with 3-4 oz of chicken along with a small sip of water. You are doing bikini so you don't have to limit your fluids quite so much. You don't want to appear vascular on stage by any means. If the show runs late,. and they usually do, repeat the same meal again. If your energy is running very low,. another bite of peanut butter with or without the rice cake should get you there. It's a tough day, but by no means should you be starving at any point,. Listen to your body!

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

For your first few shows I'm a HUGE proponent of not changing things up much the day of competition. It's so easy to completely blow all of your hard work and look bloated on stage if timing isn't right. You're much better off just doing what you've been doing all along, maybe just a little lighter in the portions the day of so your tummy isn't sticking out from food.

You will find all sorts of advice about 'carbing up', 'carb loading', 'sodium loading', etc. But all too often I hear of gals (including myself), that experiment with this for the first time in the days leading up to their competition only to be extremely disappointed in the outcome. Then all their hard work went out the window.

They're asking themselves, "How could I look so good all week and look like THAT on stage?" It's pretty simple really - they tried something different in those last 72 hours and their body freaked.

So if you normally have oatmeal and egg whites for your first meal, have half of that. Same for 2nd and 3rd meals. It's your safest option. :)

Posted by rahemki

Thank u ladies for your help!

Posted by soliver1

1st show is this Saturday. Trainer has taken out my eggs & fats. I'm a little nervous about that and how my body will look. Who here takes out fats in the week of show?

Kristin Shaffer Posted by fabeditor

I have seen trainers take out both the week of the show. Eggs carry a bit more sodium, so that could be why they were dropped. And fats can turn to fat faster than carbs in some gals.

If your trainer has done a great job up until now then I would continue to do what he/she suggests.

Do you still have some carbs in there? How much and what kinds?